Biscuit or "Gallina"

Stories We came to this land, looking for a better life for our children, and ourselves, but we have not forgotten our culture and the customs that make our countries so unique. The fresh air during the evening, listening to the sounds of our island in the Caribbean sea, vendors with their many wares, sharing a meal with our neighbors, listening to the radio stations to get the latest local news, the crowing of the roosters every morning, and the peaceful life in any of the islands.  

All of this, until Biscuit came to our backyard

  We have a pedigree Collie, called Teddy Bear. He is about 8 years old, and our backyard is his domain. One afternoon during the summer of 1999, a small red chicken appeared in our back yard. (I know she is of the fighting cock variety, which has become common in Dade county from people that raise them for illegal cock fighting.) This small bird gave us some tender memories from our youth, when we had to take care of our domesticated chicken. Our neighbor dog decided to make a meal of the chicken, and in doing so, broke one of her wings. Teddy came to her defense and almost killed the flea-infested dog. The poor Biscuit almost did not make it, but she recuperated minus a wing. She can not fly. She is free to go anytime but has decided to stay in company of her best friend Teddy.  


you can easily see her missing wing





every morning Biscuit and Teddy wait for breakfast (Teddy has his summer haircut)


  here Socks our beloved feline is trying to hypnotize Biscuit to come inside the home for "just one minute"  
  Every morning, both inseparable friends, Teddy and Biscuit wait for their breakfast. Corn for her, dog food for Teddy. We do not know how long she will be with us, but she has awakened fond memories of our youth on our Caribbean island.

Ps  Biscuit has reward us with eggs, but by the time we find the nest it is too late. She averages 13 eggs per nest.