Why me? 
Stories I was the one that put him in the cage. I am the one that had to hear his mournful cry of despair. I was the one that gave the OK to do this wrong, to this tender and somewhat precocious cat. I am hoping that Socks in his feline heart, will have the love to forgive me.

Who gave me the right to destroy all the generations to come of this beautiful American Toby? Under what rule was I acting that gave me the right to destroy the seed of such a beautiful creature?

One such excuse is the quantity of cats, already on this world. We humans have a tendency to destroy any species, no matter how wise or tender, only because of our own insecurities, and terrors of being taken over by another being.

Another excuse is the markings of his territory. The creator provided felines with this beautiful tool, so that boundaries and territorial claims could keep the peace and harmony in the neighborhood. This will be no more.

As humans we pride ourselves in being on top of the food chain, the smartest of the species, made in the creator's image. Who gave us this right? Did we ask or make the effort to find out if my cat wanted this done? But socks says in a languishing lament, Why me! Of all the scruffy looking, flea infested, ugly beasts of the neighborhood, it had to be the most beautiful feline in all Perrine.

We have squashed the sweet sounds of his beloved love song. We will no longer hear his deep meow on the porch. We will never have the pleasure of seeing a beautiful queen with a litter of small clones like Socks.

My punishment for this unjust act, will be to treasure this beautiful feline, forever, to take care of him and to make the last member of his clan as happy as possible.

Copyright Morell/2000