The Art of sugar pulling

One of the newest procedures to be introduced to the Ladies’ facial market, is using good old U.S. sugar to coax wayward facial hairs out temporarily.

Many different parts must work together for this maneuver to work its magic. A devoted partner, a good set of hands and a very willing customer.

The temperature of the sugar must be set correctly or else the job does not work, or your lady ends with a burned mustachio. This art has develop into an interesting pastime for the ladies.

First the sweet slightly warm sticky mess is applied the area  where the work is to be done. Second a small cloth is pasted where the sugar is applied, and last, without giving off a hint, the cloth is pulled, the skin gets stretched to its limit, and you hope some hairs got stuck to the sugar, or else you have to do it all over again. It is amazing what the young ladies will do to look beautiful for us males.  

H Morell 1996