Torbellino is the Spanish name for a small tornado. This name is an exact explanation of  the new feline addition to our family, Socks.

His name comes from the four white paws that adorn his beautiful body. He was a four week old (and growing) orphaned American Toby with fifty seven varieties, begging for a home at the front of our local supermarket.

Why did I get him? A young lady was giving him away with his six brothers and sisters. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure whether I was paying attention to the ‘señorita’ or her small furry friends in the box.

I took socks in my hands and he immediately held on for dear life. I think he knew his only chance with this cat lover was to show plenty of appreciation.  Now, he has complete control of the household.  

His surrogate mother is my daughter, Margie.  The two of them have a very special bond; they are often together.  When socks is in some kind of trouble, which is quite often, he immediately runs to the protection of his adopted mom. 

Kitty, our beloved old tom cat, did not take kindly to this intrusion of his territory.  So Kitty just tries to ignore him, although Socks thinks Kitty’s tail makes an excellent rodent replacement toy.  Many times, Socks is seen tumbling on the floor after a well placed paw (without nails thankfully).

H Morell 1996