Orange Blossom Hobbies


            What does this name reminds you off?. A beautiful store in the heart of Tokyo with many orange trees around full of flower blossoms with a rich aroma of oranges?  not. A store in Miami where tourists are not allowed to go, with some business establishments  with the name The Pink Pussy Cat.

            Today  Jaime and I did some male bonding, and we went out to visit this toy store, where Jaime was going to find one of his latest interests a model car with hydraulics. By trade I am a mechanic, and the first time Jaime mentioned his car, I had pictures of a car with hydraulics, oil spilling all over and twenty thousand bolts laying around. “sorry I know I took some liberties here”

            I have to give credit to Jaime. When he is interested in a subject, he goes all the way. I hate to think what will happen when a señorita is the sole interest in his mind.

            He wanted to know where he could find information on hobbies stores. I answered slightly skeptical with the famous words “ let your fingers do the walking”  He took me seriously and he called  every single toy store in the south Miami area.

            He narrow down his search to this store Orange Blossom Hobbies. He had called them before, and he knew exactly what he wanted.

            The only problem was the location of such store. It is in an area where tourists have lost their lives, and where local people do not dare to go. “sorry I took some more liberties”

            After driving in a rainstorm , we arrived at the store, and to our surprise, it is very beautiful, with toys of all kinds, and to our amazement there were very few children around. Many grown up men were around buying plastic toys to play with. I felt in heaven. there were toys of every kind and size, tiny soldiers and model airplanes.

            Jaime got down to business and in short time he was looking for his 64 Impala Chevy. We did not find this car, but after one of the salesmen guided Jaime in all the requirements of his new toy, he bought a 1995 Blazer, which will be adapted to have “hydraulics” to move around. We will keep you informed of all future accomplishments in the car.

H Morell 1995