It was not my fault

    Today I had the opportunity to test Jaime's racing car. I was driving like a student driver, slow and careful. Since I had never driven a car of this magnitude before.

    I was very nervous and apprehensive, in case I caused a major mess. Everything was going beautiful with my lesson, until that fateful moment.

She was a knockout. (I gathered all this information in a split moment that my head turned from the concentration of driving the beautiful sedan) bronzed skin with a shine like a wet sculptured Venus, levy's that left very little to the imagination (by this time my imagination was running rampant) she had a tight black body suit against the better parts of her body .Eyes, oh!! the eyes of a princess. It was like looking a Pocahontas all over again. Her hair, like golden clouds flowing in the wind.

Suddenly CRASH !!!!!  I  looked and the sedan was in pieces, million of parts flying all over. A  word flew from my mouth, It had to do with manure. How can I explain to Jaime that his most priced possession was in pieces on the ground?  only because a young beautiful female  happened to pass close to where we were racing the small car. I am completely disappointed in my driving behavior at the practice. My only explanation is that at my age I get very little chances to look at some of the most beautiful creations that God has made.

Ps. Racing small remote control electric cars with my son.

H Morell 1996