Nose Job

 My knowledge of sports specially football is very limited. I find myself  watching the Dolphins lose one game after another and I was sure I knew the reason they were loosing all those games; all of them had elective surgery.

  The few times I watch a game with my dear wife, I do not ask many questions and I am trying to learn more about the game with my dear patient wife.

  The last game I found something interesting, every close up of the players head you could see clearly that all of them had elective surgery  “nose Jobs” 

 I was very confused. How can a coach allow all his players to be so disfigured?

  I did not dare ask my princess since I new there had to be a reason. Instead I went to my job, where there are veterans sport followers, and I made the amazing question of the nose jobs. I do not have to tell you how long they made fun of me. Later my princess explained to me that that is the new fad. It seems to help you breathe, by sticking some sort of band aid on your nose.

I am still not convinced I believe that every player on the Dolphins has a nose job.

H Morell 1995