It is early in the morning in Perrine. The sweet notes of Gloria Stefan are hear in the room, coming from the alarm radio tuned to Radio Ritmo 98.3.

The husband with his head deep on his pillow, pushes the snooze button once, ten minutes later, the radio goes on again, but this time it seems louder.

The husband sweetly says to his wife “negra, its time to get up”. He then pushes the snooze again.

Ten minutes later his wife bolts upright on the bed and says out loud “I am going to be late for prayer meeting”. She goes to her son’s room, opens the door and tells him to get up.

He answers “peresita”. By 6:30 no one can sleep in the home, so the husband has no choice than to get up , make coffee, feed the cat, etc. 

When the mother and son are ready to leave, a shout is heard across the room “where are my school keys” after a frantic search, the keys are found under a cushion on the sofa.

The time is about 7am , the mother leaves the home with the sleepy son trailing behind. The car leaves, and in saying good-bye the husband gives the international signal which indicates “ seat belts on please” . The husband takes a last look  at the red blur on the road, and he hopes the troopers are not in force on the road this morning. He returns to bed and slowly sinks his head on the pillow again.

H Morell 1995