FPL Odyssey 

One evening not long ago my wife and I were in our bedroom sharing a very rare moment together (No we were not doing that!!!) we were watching some boring program on the TV .

When suddenly from the west side of the house came a strange howling. We were almost sure that it sounded like El Grito de Yara, when Carlos Manuel de CESPEDES and his followers declared Cuban independence at Yara in October 1868. That famous scream  made the Cubans go to the hills and fight against the Spanish Conquistadors.

To our immense surprise the scream came from the delicate vocal cords of our beloved son. We rushed to his aid and after reassuring him that he was still with us and not pushing daisies on some far off field, we were able to massaged his gelatinized arms and body, and help him come to life more or less.

Jaime was able to find out that his body only has 15,000 ohms of resistance to electricity, and his gorgeous lankly body was a perfect path for some lost electrons. After disconnecting the offending appliance, we helped him to recuperate from so electrifying experience. Luckily his brain cells are in perfect conditions since he was able to recognize without problems his beloved model car.

H Morell 1996