It was a cold wet and dark morning in Miami.   The sweet notes of Amor 107.5 woke me up to let me know that I had the last appointment with the dentist, to fix my broken tooth.

    I rushed to the bathroom to shave and to clean my teeth several times. Since the dentistís assistant was going to be several inches from my face, I had to look and smell my best. Every whisker was checked and shaved as close as possible. The nose hairs were trimmed and the dental floss did its wonder with all  the left over food.

   I dressed with my favorite Jeans which are not too tight. The shirt was a green all purpose cotton  favorite of mine. I was not sure if the color matched with the Jeans, but since my dear wife was not here, I put it on anyway. A little dab of my cologne, and I was ready for the world.

   The trip to the dentist was uneventful and the repair to my tooth although painful, was almost bearable. I had to show how tough and macho I was. After paying for the repair I went home to lick my wounds. There I found Jaime which had one of his 24hr flu (this time it was real ) and my son gave me the most embarrassing news of my life.

   I had gone to the dentist with my shirt inside out. Imagine this 46 year old hunk of man, running around the town with his shirt tags out. The word "DORK" came to mind. Its a good thing that I finished with my teeth, since I can not show my face there ever again.  

H Morell 1996