Everything is growing on my back yard


Today was a beautiful day. After many days of gloomy weather, with rain and thunder, I went to my porch to see the back of my house.

A movement to my left caught my attention, and there, among the tall grass was my faithful Teddy. I love dogs. They do not complain , are always ready to serve you, no matter what treatment they get. All have heard the story of Teddy’s haircut, but his hair is back to normal now and he looks like the king of dogs that he is.

There was something wrong. Teddy was full of grass seeds all over his beautiful hair and he looked at me  in a strange way that made me feel like food somehow. He pushed his way to the porch, and sat down by the bicycles. I looked  back to the avocado tree and I heard a voice saying                 “the grass man” . I turned around expecting to find someone in the backyard, or inside the house, but there was no one. I looked down to my beautiful dog, and he had a strange smirk on his face.                      

No way man!!!  my dog did not speak. Then I remembered a story on the Bible in which a mule spoke when she was being mistreated. I immediately took my trusted lawnmower and proceeded to cut the long grass that was growing on the back of the house.

Many strange and huge things were growing on the grass. Green grasshoppers, huge Cuban roaches, etc. I took me a long time to cut just half of the back yard, and Teddy was faithfully with me throughout my work. He was back to his happy  self again, maybe happy because I was keeping him company.

Did my dog speak? I do not know, but the grass was cut. I spoke to Teddy this time and I promised to keep his yard nice and cut. He looked at me and moved his head from side to side, and I am almost sure he understood. But he knows that promises specially to a pooch are easily broken.

H Morell 1995