Notes from the Editor

Stories Index     Thank you for visiting my page. I hope that so far you have liked the stories or enjoy the cartoons.

    If you find some grammatical errors please let me know and I will correct them. Some people have complained that it took too much time to do all this, and it is a waste of time. Please keep this ideas to yourself, but I will try to explain the reason for all these writings.

    The job of a data center operator is a complicated one. You have two types, the IT people that monitor networks and systems and the physical plant operators that monitor electric, environmental and security systems. I belong to the latter group and have spend most of my adult life dealing with electric and mechanical systems.

    The data center monitor is usually not well known, since you may be a windowless room somewhere in a building. For security reasons these buildings are not well known.

   You are in a building 7 days a week for 24 hours. The shifts could be any time during the night or day.

   You have to stay during your shift (which could be 12 hours) in front of a pc or doing work in the building. It's very easy to become bored and to let your guard down. This is usually when mistakes are made and systems shut down.

   No one knows what your job is unless something happens, and then you have to react and use your training to correct any mistakes.

   Unless you have done this, is hard to understand the problems that are prevalent in this industry and how hard is to keep the operators from becoming dormant and sleep through an emergency.

   I give thanks to the teachers I had through the years. My friend Nestor his deep knowledge of electric systems and his deep faith in our saviour. Leo Goebels our beloved FPL instructor that guided our data center through a very hard time and was the coolest person in an emergency. Larry Paterson with his deep knowledge of all systems and his love for the Navy. Bob Richer that taught me the meaning of the word patience.

   These people have molded me and help me in my life and my data center days are not over. Now I am in another newer center that has the internet at its feet.

   Thanks again for visiting.

    Hermes Morell