Branch 58 Something Newsletter No.6 Winter 1996

Stories Index Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at branch 58something

We have great news from our branch, our new name is L & S, and our parent company is E W, with their offices somewhere near the north pole. Here in Miami everything is full of roses. All the operators are happy since they may not loose their jobs due to cut backs. We are waiting for the fifteenth operator soon.

We have great news, Dean (our original L & G poster boy) found out that all his diligent hard work, has paid off with a provisional posting to Birmingham as big cheese of one of our administration buildings. He left one day without saying goodbye and we were on the impression that he had found another job, but to our great relief we found out that he left Miami with his managerial book in one hand and his electrical code book on the other. He left the wife and baby, and is posted there until further notice.

Congratulations to the grandfathers Nestor and Hermes for putting up with this branch for four long years, their names will be added to the list of heroes at the Buffalo Grove main office. We have a new set of graduates from the GCP university with the longest list of FPL bumps. No one wants to work with this trio anymore. Bob, Joe, Ernesto. They have earned the longest diesel run hours of the whole FMS, and will get an award from the Association of Diesel Fuel of Greater Miami. They have a new nickname "Should I start the diesels now?" Their story is somewhat strange since it took 19 bumps to start the DG's, but to their credit they were busy trying to get confirmation to start DG's until they spoke with Vice president Gore, who gave them permission to start diesels. Since then, they have averaged one diesel run per night for the last two weeks. (It seems that way )

A new enterprise has been started by our employee Jack "Mr. Universe". He sells cutely beautiful stuffed Dalmatian's dogs. You just have to imagine this powerful large body of a man, selling Avon dogs. He is very successful since no one dares to say "no" when he asks to buy a dog. Chad and Nestor are working on all kind of procedures and laws to make life a little bit easier to some but a lot more difficult to others.

Wedding bells are in the works Our friend Bob has been always our serious and stable operator. He always came in to the office, pick up the rounds, and left to do his work with a smirk on his face that denoted he knew what he was doing, but did not want to get involve with the insignificant problems of the rest of the operators. His 6 year medal from AA testify to the seriousness and resolve to do better. Then came Sandy a beautiful young lady that has transformed this grumpy old man, into a teenager. He now carries with him a big smile always, he walks with a floating step, like he was walking on clouds, and according to rumors may be a married man soon.

Congratulations to Ray  and wife for their new little "grasshopper" boy

Till the next Newsletter, The editor. One of the Kuzacanies.