Branch 58something Newsletter Volume 3

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            We are in some sort of mourning here at our branch. Two of our best illustrious co-workers, have decided to leave us in limbo, to our own miseries. Our best mechanic, Snoop Doggie Dog , the back bone of the chiller plant, the best wrench turner of the lot, has been seduced by the “dark side” of the branch. We say this in jest, since we all know local # 725 will give him the best schooling available here in Miami (Besides Larry 101). Snoop will become the best chiller man around. We all knew this was inevitable, since some of us even encouraged him to make this change. Loosing the best stand up comedian in Miami, is not easy. He will be missed, and will be impossible to replace.

            Our Trainer, Supervisor Technical Writer,  Mere operator, Larry, has tired of innuendoes, promises, and questions on his abilities from the small minds. He is also joining the great rush to leave our glorious city, and establish his root at our northern neighbor, Orlando. His most priced possession, “The Operator’s Book”, will be left unfinished, and like Mozart’s Requiem, someone else will get the job of finishing this great literary work.

            All the operators remaining in a joined consensus, have requested that Paul take his place as trainer, so that the weekly quizzes, will not be so difficult.   We realize that Mr. Patterson has done a tremendous job. Now that we are all certified, tested, and tried, his services are not important anymore. He has no choice, but to continue his quest for higher learning, to fulfill his dream of becoming a Patent Attorney.  We will divide, conquer, and try to fill his shoes, but his legacy will remain undiminished.  Larry, continue your dreams knowing you were one of the greatest losses of yet.  You will be missed!

            All these occurrences at our branch have split our group in two equal sides. One side has followed the AA motto of worrying about the future “One day at a time” and are resentful of any change or insinuation of a change in the days ahead. This group is entrenching themselves ready for the unknown future.

            The other group, looks like dessert storm veterans, after they were gassed. they have dark rings around their eyes, always burn-one outside, their hair- line is receding, and they carry the Sunday’s Classifieds all week long, to follow any lead no matter how inconsequential. They shake in their boots every time DK comes around.

            The future of our branch is better left to Zeus, and the worries of our children to the unemployment line.

            We also will like to give special mention, to a long suffering illustrious leader, our Boss “emeritus” DD. She has been our mentor for many long suffering years. May the great fish treat you gently and allow you to finish your days in peace.

Thanks to the Olympics, we have enjoy two weeks of well deserved rest.