Branch 58something Newsletter Volume 1

Stories Index Fiesta time:                                      We have to thank our AMBO for allowing us to participate in the grandiose fiesta given to the big wigs of all the vendors working in our building.  The food was excellent and the drinks were free, so we took advantage of this opportunity to wet our whiskers, meet very interesting people, and above all, boogie the night away.  We thank the interference of one of our lead electricians (with the initials that rhyme with “B-Joy”) for providing the cassette tape that livened up the party and brought us into the music of the 90’s.  We understand that all the big rats get lots of cheese for all of “our” hard work last year.  For us... just lots of ceiling tiles!

           We congratulate all the parents for the wonderful new babies they’ve brought into this harsh environment we call our world.  We found out that our operators were scared that constant radiation from our 13.8 kV switchgear would render them useless (if you know what I mean), in the future.  I guess they just got together and decided to get all this baby stuff done now and get it over with since they were planning to be here for life.

            I know none of you employees are interested in changing jobs, but if you have friends interested in applying for some of our new positions, we are opening a new “key” branch on one of the southern islands.  No work experience or knowledge required, you must have access to an RV.  Some travel required (on foot - bar to bar), and uniforms not allowed (beach attire only).  And, all of you can be the next Facility Manager!  Any questions, contact the seven members of our recent trial program.

            We’re delving into a new area here at L&G.  It has come to our attention that we’ve been looking over a lot of hidden talents of our crew.  We have a team of about 25 professional resume’ writers.  Therefore, we are starting a resume’ service.  we’re going to call it  “GET THE FUCKOUTAHEREresume Inc.