Branch 58something Newsletter Volume 7 1997

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Great news, Bob finally did it. He is a new member of the greatest fraternity of brothers, called husbands. He now shows off his ball and chain to all that are interested, and when asked, How is married life , Bob? He answers in a knowledge voice, "ain't nothing like it!". We are trying to figure out what exactly he means by this statement. In our office we found out Bob was a changed man, as soon as we saw his first lunch. He had a egg salad sandwich, with potatoes chips in a sealed bag and a perfect banana. We immediately knew that someone had done his lunch with lots of love. Bob used to bring to work, everyday a squashed peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which he ate with his delicious coffee. Thank you Sandy you have made a new man out of our Bob.

501 Dalmatians they were not 101, but 501 stuffed dogs were sold by our operator Jack. He broke all the records at the AVON store. Jack has developed a selling network that is the envy of any salesperson. We are trying to see how we can take advantage of his extraordinary ability to sell anything to anyone, and we are planning to start another sale drive as soon as we know what to sell.

The Spam Award goes to the Hill family, since they just acquired their new home in the high class area of Miami Springs. Now they are going to have the opportunity of helping the local economy, by paying some nice mortgage. A recipe book , titled 1000 Ways to cook Spam, will be given to this young family, to guide them in the years ahead.

1 DAY Our dear friend Bob, the best Gamma Sign engineer in our branch, had the misfortune of being the one to post such a disturbing number on the board. After 727 days without an outage. With tears and shaky hands, he did his duty, even if it meant no bonus for this quarter. Our friend Murphy came by our center lately, and we are still suffering the fallout. "We have other words to describe this"

Surfing The Web A new fad is taking hold of our branch. When you speak to Joe about surfing, he generally talks about, fiber glass boards, cool waves, and staying away from sharks. Now in our office, when you mention surfing, you may get answers like, baud rate, 28,000, signing on to AOL, favorite links. The web has hit our members for good, it is just a matter of time before the entire office is on the web.