Management Words to Remember and Use

(A Basic Foundation for Business Results)

Motives come from within. The impelling force which moves people to act
comes from within. Hence, to improve morale, managers need to help their
people and find concepts which become impelling inner forces since strong,
inner, compelling forces directed toward purposeful ends raise morale to a
peak level.

Only when people see the total picture of which they are a part, so they see
how the end results of their work relate to the total situation, only then will
their morale be raised to a level which will ensure the application of their
most effective efforts toward peak performance.

Respecting human dignity, seeing people as individuals and as human beings
separate and apart from their jobs rather than equating that dignity with
performance on the job, will cause them to know they are appreciated, their
human dignity respected. Thus their morale will be maintained at a
desirable level.

Advancing and fostering a permissive, creative climate in which people will
feel free to speak up and offer ideas and suggestions, will help them to find
more purpose and meaning in their work and will be a stimulating force in
raising the level of the morale in the organization.

Listening to people, to their ideas, to their suggestions, showing by our
open-minded attitude that we are interested in them, in their ideas in their
suggestions, will cause them to see that we appreciate them and their
ideas. Thus is created a climate of cooperation and a raising of the morale
factor to a desired level.

Empathy - Putting ourselves mentally in the other person's shoes, putting our
own assumptions, viewpoints, feelings and attitudes in the background and
giving priority attention to their assumptions, viewpoints, feelings and
attitudes will bring about greater understanding and constitute a powerful
factor in improving morale.

Accordingly, the minds and hearts of all the people in any unit of activity will
come together and work in unison to fulfill important objectives and thus will
morale be a powerful factor in achieving human and economic progress.

Courtesy of Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.