Stories Index The Kuzacany Bear story
Once upon a time, during a lull in the activities on a certain Data Center, an idea was created that has grown in fervor, like a religious experience. It all started with a phrase that was associated with a sweetener. From then on this phrase took on a religious fervor that has unsurpassed all expectations. Not long after that, a beautiful picture of the Kuzacany Bear was revealed to a few faithful, which took it upon themselves to guard it with love and tenderness. His face shines with happiness, he is holding on his right hand a piece of wire, and his clothing shows his love for the electricians. Those operators that have understood the meaning of the Kuzacany Bear, are known to be strong believers in the powerful and mysterious power of the Kuzacany. During long and boring monitoring hours, the Kuzacany has made its presence known, and he has been helpful in the sufferings and misunderstandings of the operators. Recently, during some problems on the first floor equipment , the faithful asked the Kuzacany for help, and the problems went away. We do not know the powers of the Kuzacany Bear, but to us he is beautiful and forgiving.
May the Kuzacany Bear be with you on your next shift.
The faithful.


   For those of you interested in knowing who the Kuzacany Bear really is?. We are happy to tell you that the Kuzacany Bear is anyone you want it to be. He is many things to many people. For example, one of our co-workers that recently moved to Orlando, every time we mentioned the Kuzacany Bear, his face took an estrange smile, and a far away look. We still do not know what he was thinking, but it seems that the Kuzacany Bear made him happy.
We can not stop the fervor of the Kuzacany Bear, or if some of our friend wish to give him special powers. To us the Kuzacany Bear is real, truthful and powerful.
  To the few of you who do not believe on the Kuzacany Bear, I challenge you to eight hours monitoring, and I promise, you will be a believer.
  The Kuzacany Bear is not Bob, although I know he loves him. The Kuzacany Bear is not Black Cloud, although he looks like him. He is chubby like Hermes, small like Nestor, smart like Bob, and beautiful like Peaches. So the Kuzacany Bear can be any one of us.
  We are asking the Kuzacany Bear for help in expediency in the matter of our increase. He has informed the faithful that it will be effective as soon as DK feels like it.

   Remember the next time you are uninstalling a 480 volts 600 amps circuit, make sure the Kuzacany Bear is by your side, since he may make the job easier and safely.

May the Kuzacany be with you forever

HM 1996