History of the Fish Tank

Stories Index In a far away branch, down by the Florida Everglades, stood a lonely group of operators, that held back the tide of electrons before them This interactive fish tank is done in memory of all those operators that have moved to better places, and no longer share these hallow rooms full of memories
May the Kuzacani Bear, follow them, And protect them in their journeys.


Around the year 1992, in our data center, the office of our beloved Peggy (our office manager) was enclosed by a glass partition to keep us from talking to her. She complained to the administration that she felt enclosed in a fish tank. This was enough for some enterprising operators to start writing graffiti on the glass. This practice was terminated immediately by DK, so the writing of the fish tank went underground where it has been ever since.

The fish tank is a recollection of all operators that have left the data center and some reference for us to remember them.

Since June 1992

1. Don Miller -The best
2. Joe B - sleep no more
3. Mike Betan - Emeritus member of the bay of pigs brigade 2506
4. Ed (no1)- The Polish brother
5. Osvaldo - I will work during the day
6. Eddy (landscaping) Get someone else to do the plants
7. Ed (no2) Cigarettes and coffee
8. Alan S -"Bud light" One more woman
9. Bob G- The post office needs me
10. Jim L -I need to fill up a plane
11. Nuri Nuri -Give me a ladder
12. Tom Hig - Nobody knows what they are doing
13. Armando M -No1 electrician according to him
14. Chuck B -Mystic advisor
15. Juaquin - Can I borrow some gas?
16. Mike C - System 600 guru
17. Russel B - We did not get to know him
18. Michael C - No more love letters to George
19. Bonnie T - No more mini skirts in the office
20. William "Sparky" Mc - Qbic's guru, a trusted friend, UPS unplanned specialist
21. Rodney G - Our black brother, our next manager, sent her by mistake, we hope you find your car
22. Martha - personnel expert, should not have bought candy with Bell's account
23. Pierre S - Our brother from Haiti, did not pass Larry 101 level 1
24. Jorge M - The best jezzball player of them all
25. Greg J -We will miss his humor, homemade beer, he loved weekends
26. Rhett C -Lawn-mower specialist Bell took him
27. Peggy C - Will always be present in out minds - our first Queen
28. Mike M - Toad licking specialist, 100% operator, best cook
29. Mac Mack - Best compressor man around. Too big to mess with
30. Orlando P - Don Juan wan to be, hard work
31. Daniel K - Eastern manager, loved landscaping, sound engineer
32. Robert A - Will die with his boots on, network miracle worker
33. George N - Water world no more, some of us do not miss him, loved intrigue
34. Charles (Peaches) H -Studied Spanish, robot mechanic, left came back, wrote an interesting letter, and left to work with Bell
35. Doug M - Best stand up comedian, was seduced by the dark side of the "Union" came back to us with a hefty raise, Welcome back Snoop
36. Larry (Laptop) P - Trainer extraordinaire. Had his life planned to the last minute. No more quizzes.
37. Dawn D -Honorary fish tank member -Very proficient, tough, but a very fair leader. We miss you already
38. Doug K - Kickerware maker, still in the background, promises, promises
39. Ernesto C - Good operator, car salesman, had problems with his Chiropractic nuts
40. Joe "Bobo" Roc - No one can top his on time record, many stories, surfing fan, somewhere in Dade County serving time
41. Alex (floor tiles Alex) did excellent work, cleaning specialist
42. Ed Cast -Best installer, troubleshooter in Dade, no more questions, Bell took him
43. Eric C - Operator in record time, went with Bell, needs tag sticker
44. Darin H -10-4 Leo, needs our prayers
45. Mike Suha - Best diesel mechanic around, loved games, wall painter specialist
46. Alex H - What's cooking? Best construction coordinator, Bell took him, then TWW
47. Hermes M - No more 12 hours monitoring, best PM pen around TWW took him.
48. Ray "Sparky Grasshopper" Best electrician in Dade, the electric grid in the MRDC was built by him. TWW took him