Farewell to Sweetie

Stories Index We are going to miss our friend called Sweetie. His nickname comes from the "many" sweeties that kept calling him at all times.

He was the procurer of our data center. He built our building from the ground up and knew every inch of the building.

He was tempted to leave us with many promises of glory and monetary satisfaction, and so we lost him. He was with us through our greatest trials and troubles and now that we are going to survive, he goes somewhere else.

We wish him the best in his new endeavors and remember that we have kept his parking ready any time he wants to go to Space.

Who knows maybe when he gets his GC license he can return to us.

Vaya con Dios!  and the Kuzacany


  The Kuzacany is now present in another data center here in Miami where they wear mango colored shirts.

The job of the Kuzacany is to investigate the rumor that certain data center was built on top of a Indian burial ground, which may explain certain estrange occurrences and incidents that have happened at the site.