Kamikaze Cuban Lizard Trained at the Isle of Pines Wipes out
FPL Power Station.


From: Havana Cuba . A.P
Today at the Central Command of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Cuba, a report arrived confirming that “Zap” a trained Cuban lizard that was sent to Miami as a fifth column terrorist to create havoc in the Southern Florida area , completed his mission successfully. The lizard “ code named Zap” was transported to the United States in one of the many rafts recently allowed into the country during the mass Cuban exodus.
It is believed that the commando lizard arrived in Key West as recently as a week ago. He is thought to have stowed away on one of the many Southern Bell trucks that travel the area, arriving in Miami earlier this week.
The main mission of the lizard “Zap” was to short the main power station supplying Southern Bell ‘s computer center, there by putting the center out of commission.
The commando lizard “Zap” arched his body across the power plant transformers and did indeed short out the power station. Investigators found the lizard “Zap” at the station lying on his back with glazed eyes, he was presumed to be dead at the scene, however when the senior investigator arrived the body could not be found. It is now believed the lizard “Zap” had survived the incident and is at large in the Miami area.
Florida Power and Light announced their plan to hire armed guards for all their power station’s specifically trained in reptilian terrorism.

  Editor: A large green (Cuban Lizard) as they are commonly called here in Miami, did short out our FPL power station, caused a grass fire and we were on diesels for 4 hours. The lizard did survive minus its tail, We can not corroborate the rest of the story.