The 64 Thousand Dollar Question

1. Mike R’s portable gun rack?

 2. Beth’s new 28.8 modem, NT capable "NOT!"?

 3. Joe’s stainless steel lunch box, attaches to belt for quick access?

 4. Nestor’s first attempt at a chiller alarm panel?

 5. Dean’s stainless steel code book protector, attaches to pocket for quick access?

6. Hermes’ left over computer parts from recent server hardware upgrade? Beth is still confused.

7. Chad’s yuppie change dispenser, never has any money in it? quoted "Nnhhhh, I have a mortgage now!"

 8. Jay’s crude Homestead version of a complex beer bottle cap opener, also dubs as a spell checker?

 9. Jack’s work out tool for his "pinkie" muscle? Quoted "No muscle must go untouched"

 10. The only thing left by Doug Kicker? Quoted "It belongs to Darren now guys!"

 11. Bob’s secret commodities calculator? Quoted "You are a mental case!"

 12. Vinny’s permanent metallic bus pass? Quoted "No! You!"

 13. Leroy’s new un-approved, totally violated, non-upgraded, latest ELECTRICOMM 1900 box? Quoted "I don’t know ask Chad"

 14. Darin’s state-of-the-art alarm clock? Quoted "I’ll make up the time tomorrow I promise"

 15. Paul isn’t sure what it is, but it was found on his desk as a paper weight?


PS. This 1900 box was found installed in our Data Center. We are sure it was an innocent mistake, which was corrected immediately. The E Crew took care of this repair. The Editor